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The winter survival guide for your tack

Dec 14,2023 | eJeffries

leather care balm

Do you welcome the arrival of the winter months, or does the thought of the upcoming season leave you with a chill? Winter’s dipped temperatures and wet conditions can be a challenge for any equestrian, but one thing that doesn’t have to be difficult is your leather care routine.

Here at Jeffries Saddlery we’re experts in all things leather, having made leather products including saddles and bridles at our Walsall factory since 1820. We’ve put together a winter leather survival guide, helping you care for your tack, keeping it in tip top shape whatever the elements bring your way.


Ride and thrive this winter

Winter can be brutal for our leather products. Rain, mud, wind and snow will wreak havoc on your tack and cause it to deteriorate rapidly if you don’t know how to care for it properly.

But this doesn’t mean your riding plans have to come to a halt – with a few adjustments you can beat the winter blues and enjoy your horse whatever the weather brings.

Prepare for rainy season.

Rainwater is no friend to leather and will cause the fibres to swell and become permanently weakened. Invest in a good quality, waterproof saddle cover in case of an unavoidable deluge whilst out riding or competing.

Pre-emptive action can also give your tack a fighting chance against the elements. Use a good quality leather balm packed full of natural oils and fats, this will help to strengthen and mesh the fibres together. Products containing beeswax (found in our own leather care balm) are incredibly effective, as the beeswax creates a seal to repel water.

Caught in a downpour?

Whilst many equestrians wouldn’t opt to ride in the rain, there are times you may find yourself caught out when the weather turns ugly.

Always have a clean towel to hand at the yard or in the horsebox, in case of sudden showers when hacking or competing.

That way, should you return from a ride drenched through, you can dry your wet tack down as quickly as possible, using the towel to soak up excess rainwater before it is absorbed into the fibres of the leather.

How to clean a saddle

  1. Wipe your saddle all over with a damp sponge to loosen and remove dirt (you can use a small amount of saddle soap if needed). Remember to turn your saddle over to clean the panels thoroughly.
  2. Leave to dry and then apply Jeffries leathercare product sparingly, across the surface of your saddle.
  3. Dry away from heat source and then buff with a cloth to remove excess product.

Shop Jeffries Natural Leathercare for regular treatment of your leather and optimum protection against the elements.