Kineton Noseband - Traditional Range

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Originating for animals who would be uncontrollable at high speeds, this noseband often cited as being more severe than the others listed above. It works by transferring bit pressure from the rider's hand to the nose.

However, it is possible that it may work not because of pain, but because the horse responds better to noseband pressure than to bit pressure (which can be painful and cause the horse to run out of fear). The kineton has metal half-rings that pass under the bit, and a leather strap that sits below the bit and over the nose (which it does not encircle) about where a drop noseband would cross.

There is no strap to keep the horse's mouth closed. This noseband should only be used with a snaffle bit (which should be slightly wider than usual to take into account the half-rings), and a martingale should not be attached to the noseband. This is most commonly seen in eventing on the cross-country phase, and in show jumping. T

his noseband is most suited for horses that are hard pullers, allowing the rider to ride lightly with a mild bit and still stop a strong horse. It is also popular for use on hot horses, to get them to trust the bit and relax.

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