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Balancer 4-Ring Dutch Gag Bit
Balancer 4-Ring Dutch Gag Bit

Balancer 4-Ring Dutch Gag Bit

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12.5cm (5'')
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The Balancer 4-Ring Dutch Gag features an ergonomically designed, warm copper mouthpiece and an angled lozenge, for a mild level of pressure across the mouth. This bit operates by rotating the mouthpiece around the large ring, applying pressure to the lip and encouraging the horse to soften their jaw. This allows the rider to adjust their level of control between the three ring options, without asserting a nutcracker action which some horses tend to evade.

Designed with the popular 'Balancer' lozenge for a mild pressure without the nutcracker action

Features a three section, ergonomic mouthpiece for a soft, even pressure

Use with a backstrap to prevent over rotation for enhanced control

Warm, copper mouthpiece is designed to support healthy levels of salivation.