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Gentle Grackle Noseband

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The Gentle Grackle Noseband is crafted from the finest quality Sedgewick bridle leather. Each Gentle bridle is designed to be carefully fitted to ensure optimum fit, allowing the anatomical elements to offer adequate comfort to the horse. This Grackle Noseband features a neatly squared nose pad to fit across the front of the horse's face, with four individual links allowing pressure to be evenly distributed. The straps behind the jaw and mouth are padded for comfort and fitted with a pocket to conceal the buckles. A bilateral adjustment system attaches this noseband to the rest of the bridle, allowing the noseband to find its most comfortable positioning on the horse's face, and avoiding the trigeminal nerve. As separate components, this Bitless Noseband allows for the best sizing to be selected to ensure correct fit.

Designed to be used with the premium Gentle range of bridlewear from Jeffries

Carefully designed to support the areas where more pressure is applied - and to avoid the trigeminal nerve.

All buckles are concealed to prevent pressure and rubbing on the face

Crafted from superior quality Sedgewick leather