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Harmony Loop Ring Snaffle Bit

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12.5cm (5'')
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15cm (6'')
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The Harmony Loop Ring Snaffle is designed with the 'Harmony' lozenge to promote enhanced communiation between horse and rider. The angled 'Harmony' lozenge allows the rider to apply precise aids, even with a soft rein contact, whilst the additional loop gives the option of asserting more poll pressure when extra control is required. The ergonomic design of the mouthpiece helps create a more comfortable feel in the mouth, whilst the use of copper aids a healthier level of salivation. The Harmony range of bits are ideal for promoting a more effective response, by encouraging the horse tune into the rider's aids.

The 'Harmony' lozenge offers a defined angle for clearer aids

Ergonomically shaped mouthpiece for enhanced comfort

Additional loop for asserting poll pressure and lip pressure for extra control

Warm, copper mouthpiece to support healthy levels of salivation