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Mullen Mouth Rugby Pelham Bit
Mullen Mouth Rugby Pelham Bit

Mullen Mouth Rugby Pelham Bit

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The Mullen Mouth Rugby Pelham gives the look of a double bridle without having to use two bits. It has a mild mullen mouthpiece which applies an even pressure in the horses mouth and an extra loose ring on the snaffle ring, to apply a more direct contact to the mouthpiece than a normal pelham would. The pelham is designed to be used with a set of double reins, so that lower curb rein can be applied as a means to encourage the horse to soften.

The mullen mouth is ideal for horses who dislike the nutcracker action of a jointed bit

Use with a set of double reins so the curb is applied only when needed

Use with a curb chain to prevent over rotation and allow the bit to work correctly