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Rubber Covered Pelham Bit
Rubber Covered Pelham Bit

Rubber Covered Pelham Bit

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The Rubber Covered Pelham Bit allows the rider to provide an effective but gentle aid through a soft rubber mouthpiece. It consists of a snaffle ring and a lower ring where a second rein can be applied to create leverage and encourage the neck to soften. The thicker mouthpiece of the rubber covered pelham averts the pressure across a wider surface, for a milder action. This bit is designed to be used with double reins, so that the curb is only applied when required.

May not suit horses with a fleshier mouth due to the thicker mouthpiece

The soft rubber mouthpiece is warmer to the mouth, ideal for horses that do not like stainless steel

Use with a curb chain to prevent over rotation and allow the bit to work correctly